St. Matthew Patron Saint

Saint Matthew Patron Saint
Russian icon holy apostle and evangelist St. Matthew Patron Saint

Russian icon holy apostle and evangelist St. Matthew Patron Saint

As the formal process of canonization did not begin until the time of Pope Gregory IX in the thirteenth century, none of the Apostles were officially canonized. Yet evidence was determined which leaves no doubt the twelve who followed Jesus were saints, especially those who gave their lives for teaching his truth.

In addition to having authored the first Book of the New Testament Matthew Patron Saint is know as patron of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, financial officers and tax collectors.

St. Matthew himself was a wealthy tax collector before he was called to follow Christ. Legends hold that he preached in Ethiopia for at least fifteen years before he died a martyr's death. The actual events surrounding his death were not officially recorded and are therefore left to speculation. Some reports say he was beheaded in Egypt which is where his symbol, the ax, originates. However, more reliable reports say he was killed while praying at the altar in Ethiopia. The paintings of Italian painter Caravaggio certainly lend to that tradition.

The Gospel of Matthew was written to convince the Jews that their anticipated Messiah had already come to earth as the person named Jesus.

His name "Mathew" means 'gift of God'. The patronage of Matthew also includes; customs officers, all financial officers, guards and all security personal, stock brokers and all money managers. Salerno Italy, the diocese of Trier, Germany and the diocese of Washington D.C.

Saint Matthew Patron is represented by an angel holding a pen or inkwell, a bag of coins, a man holding money, money bag or box, the halberd, purse, spear, sword, young man or winged man.

A quote from a homily by Saint Bede the Venerable, A Doctor of the Church:

"And he rose and followed him." There is no reason for surprise that the tax collector abandoned earthly wealth as soon as the Lord commanded him. Nor should one be amazed that neglecting his wealth, he joined a band of men whose leader had, on Matthew's assessment, no riches at all. Our Lord summoned Matthew by speaking to him in words. By an invisible, interior impulse flooding his mind with the light of grace, he instructed him to walk in his footsteps. In this way Matthew could understand that Christ, who was summoning him away from earthly possessions, had incorruptible treasures of heaven in his gift".

Whose Patron is St. Matthew?

" Patron saint of accountants
" Patron saint of bankers
" Patron saint of bookkeepers
" Patron saint of customs officers
" Patron saint of financial officers
" Patron saint of guards
" Patron saint of money managers
" Patron saint of Salerno, Italy
" Patron saint of security forces
" Patron saint of security guards
" Patron saint of stock brokers
" Patron saint of tax collectors
" Patron saint of Trier, Germany, diocese of

Symbols of St. Matthew

" angel holding a pen or inkwell
" bag of coins
" halberd
" inkwell
" king
" lance
" man holding money
" money bag
" money box
" purse
" spear
" sword
" winged man
" young man


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